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  • Garbage and Recycling Schedules

    There are two ways to access the scheduling data: downloading the .SHP or .KML files and the CSV file or by utilizing the API. Downloadable Files: SHP and KML files provide the geographic pick-up zones and corresponding calendars (e.g. A or ...
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  • Curbside Recycling and Waste Tonnages

    Citywide waste stream tonnages broken down by month
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  • Biosolids quality

    City of Ottawa biosolids are tested every two weeks by a third-party accredited laboratory for metals, pathogens and nutrients, as well as additional testing beyond regulatory requirements.
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  • Drinking Water Summary Data (Communal Wells)

    Provides a summary of physical, microbiological, chemical, & radiological test results for each of the City’s five community wells: Carp, Munster Hamlet, Richmond (Kings Park Subdivision, Shadow Ridge, and Vars. There is a separate file for each of the ...
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