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  • Traffic Web Cam Images

    Provides images for the City of Ottawa’s traffic web cams. These images are available at sixty second intervals. To access the images users will be required to have an access key. The application form for access keys can be found on this page: ...
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  • Traffic Data

    The following data sets are available. • Construction Work • Special Events • Incidents • Traffic Cameras • Parking Lots • Park and Rides • Red Light Cameras There are two ways to receive data; in both cases, the data is available in JSON format. • Data ...
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  • Red Light Camera Locations

    Provides the longitude and latitude coordinates for City operated Red Light cameras.
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  • Paid Public Parking Listing (City Owned Lot and On-Street)

    Contains a listing of the city owned pay and display on-street parking machines along with City lots and includes location, cost, and hours.
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  • Paid Parking Lots (City operated)

    Identification of all City of Ottawa enclosed parking garages, and unenclosed surface parking lots
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  • Transportation intersection volumes

    Data includes: intersection volume totals, date of collection, Intersection location name and x and y coordinates.
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