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  • Bicycle trip counters (automated)

    The data provides counts of bike trips (both directions summed unless otherwise noted) at the following locations: 1_ALEX: Ottawa approach to the NCC Alexandra Bridge Bikeway This counter was not operational for most of 2010 due to bridge construction ...
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  • Truck Routes

    Simple polyline data showing truck routes within the limits of the City of Ottawa. Derived from the road centreline.
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  • Roundabouts

    A listing of the roundabouts that can be found in the City of Ottawa. This data file was made available courtesy of Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
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  • Paid Public Parking Listing (City Owned Lot and On-Street)

    Contains a listing of the city owned pay and display on-street parking machines along with City lots and includes location, cost, and hours.
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  • Paid Parking Lots (City operated)

    Identification of all City of Ottawa enclosed parking garages, and unenclosed surface parking lots
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  • OC Transpo Schedules

    Transit schedule data is made up of 7 csv files which includes schedules and patterns of all bus routes, bus stop locations and their respective longitude and latitude, and provides the specified dates of service through the calendar file. Generally, the ...
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  • OC Transpo Live Next Bus Arrival Data Feed

    The OCTranspo Live Next Bus Arrival Data Feed Application Program InterfaceService (the “API Service”) provides a gateway into a data feed that consists of near-real-time OC Transpo bus locations and estimated arrival times of the next 3 busses for a ...
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  • Landmarks (OC Transpo Travel Planner)

    The landmark file contains a listing of relevant landmarks in the area that are used in OC Transpo’s Travel Planner, e.g. shopping centres, schools, and health centres,
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  • Bicycle Parking – Ring & Posts

    Data contains records pertaining to all ring & posts bicycle racks that were installed through the parking meter conversion program.
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