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  • 2011 National Household Survey (NHS)

    2011 Ward National Household Survey (NHS) data. Source: Statistics Canada, Census and NHS profile data for user-specified ward areas, 2011 Census and National Household Survey, data received November 2013. Reproduced and distributed on an as is basis ...
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  • Employment and Social Services Caseload Data

    Monthly Averages for Ontario Works - # of households on OW, # of households applying for OW each month and # of households leaving OW each month
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  • Web Visitation – Monthly

    Contains web visitations statistics for Information consists of visits, views, time on pages, exit rates, entrances and bounce rates.
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  • ONS Neighbourhood Boundaries

    The ONS Neighbourhood Boundaries were created by the Ottawa Neighbourhood Study (ONS) to analyse population statistics and are not indicative of actual neighbourhood limits.  Neighbourhood refers to an inhabited area delineated by social and physical ...
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  • 311 Service Request Volumes (2010-2012)

    The data provides a summary of requests for service that require action by City staff. Data is presented by ward and shows the responsible City department and service request description. Service Requests may be received from citizens through the ...
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