geoOttaWOW: A Minecraft world of the City of Ottawa release version 1.0


geoOttaWOW: A Minecraft world of the City of Ottawa release version 1.0


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This is release 1.0 of geoOttaWOW, a Minecraft world based on data sets used in geoOttawa. This version was created with Minecraft 1.7.10, using software that supports version 1.7.*, with NBT version 19133. This smaller, improved version of the original beta release requires around 560Mb of disk space, so it will run on most common devices where Minecraft has been installed. The zip file is a folder that you will need to un-zip in your saves directory.

Be creative and build the Ottawa you want. We have provided you with the base structure, and done all the heavy lifting. Now it’s up to you to fill in the blocks and add some new structures to Ottawa, or tear down the old. Build and explore Roads, Rails, Rivers, and Ottawa’s buildings in this Minecraft world. This version focuses in on the most popular areas of Ottawa and those that will change the most in the year ahead. Starting at Ottawa City Hall users can explore the city, and create an Ottawa the way they want it to be. We have even added a few surprises, but be careful of the Mobs, or they may get you…

Most popular locations

Location                                        X                          Y                   Z

Ottawa City Hall                          479.70000       52.0000     -136.7000

Parliament Hill                            -1111.98321    60.0000     -449.01433

National Gallery of Canada   -935.13384       50.0000     -1015.57362

Byward Market                            -556.90501      49.0000     -743.80713

Rideau Falls                                  -889.68014      59.0110     -2347.30539

Rails                                                  2202.26575    47.0000       529.67360

How to Load geoOttaWOW

1. Locate the Minecraft Saves directory

You will first need to locate the saved file in your Minecraft "saves" folder, as that is where downloaded game files like maps are generally stored.

What is the Minecraft "saves" folder, and how do you locate it? The folder is in your directory of Minecraft files. There are a few ways to locate it:

Using the Minecraft Launcher:

  • a. Open the Launcher, and select Edit Profile.
  • b. Click the Open Game Dir option. "Dir" is short for "Directory."
  • c. Your "saves" folder will be in the .minecraft directory.

Using Windows

  • a. Open the Start menu and select Run.
  • b. Type (without quotes) "%appdata%\.minecraft\saves\" and hit Enter.

Using Mac OS

  • a. Open the Finder.
  • b. Select Go and Go to Folder...
  • c. When prompted, enter (without quotes) "~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves".

Using Ubuntu Linux

  • a. Open the File Manager in your Home directory
  • b. In the top menu select GO and Open Location
  • c. Type (without quotes) “/.minecraft/saves”

2. Store the Minecraft Map Files

Having located the "saves" folder, you can copy the folder to the "saves" folder.

You can also rename your downloaded map if you like by renaming the folder.

3. Launch Your Downloaded Minecraft Map

If your downloaded map has been saved in the Minecraft "saves" folder, you should be able to select it when you play Minecraft when asked to select a World from your Worlds list.

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