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  • Contracts Awarded ≥$25,000

    A semi-annual report detailing all contracts ≥$25,000 awarded under delegation of authority
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  • Elections 2014 - Nominated candidates

    List of the nominated candidates for the office of Mayor, City Councillor and school board Trustee.
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  • Budget (Quarterly Operating Budget Status Reports)

    The operating results report compares actuals to budet on a year-to-date basis; compensation results are also provided.
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  • Corporate Records Classification Scheme (CRCS)

    The Corporate Records Classification Scheme (or CRCS) is the information taxonomy used by city staff to identify/declare the official business records of the City of Ottawa. The CRCS is updated by Information Management staff to ensure compliance with ...
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  • Elections 2018 - Nominated Candidates

    List of candidates that filed nomination papers for the offices of mayor, city councillor and school board trustee in the 2018 Municipal Elections.
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  • Elections 2018 – Voting Places

    Voting locations for the 2018 City of Ottawa municipal elections.
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  • Web Visitation – Monthly

    Contains web visitations statistics for Information consists of visits, views, time on pages, exit rates, entrances and bounce rates.
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  • Full-time Equivalent (FTE) Count

    Represents the number of budgeted FTE’s associated with positions, by Portfolio, Department and Branch. These totals are different from Employee Count totals. The FTE count is used for budget purposes to quantify the number of positions approved by ...
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  • Employee Count

    Represents the number of employees occupying positions, by Portfolio, Department and Branch. These totals are different from Full Time Equivalent (FTE) totals. Headcount may exceed the budgeted position count if there are casual or part-time employees in ...
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