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Traffic Web Cam Images


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Provides images for the City of Ottawa’s traffic web cams. These images are available at sixty second intervals. To access the images users will be required to have an access key. The application form for access keys can be found on this page:

The Attributes section contains details on how to access the images.

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Update Frequency
Images are refreshed on 60 sec intervals.

There are no known errors associated with these images.


After completing the registration form and receiving a confirmation email with a certificate number you will be able to access the camera images.

To access a camera image you can access the URL with the following parameters:

\u2022\tC: Camera number.
\u2022\tCertificate: The certificate string as supplied in the confirmation email.
\u2022\tId: User Id (optional).

Note: City of Ottawa cameras have camera numbers <2000, and MTO cameras have camera numbers >2000.

Note: The Id is a string value assigned by your user to each user or instance of your application accessing the images. The Id must be alphanumeric characters [a-z, A-Z, 0-9]. A given user id for a given certificate may only access the cameras at intervals of at least 60 seconds.

e.g. To access City Camera 16 (Bank and Hunt Club)

e.g. To access MTO Camera 2002 (St Laurent)

The images are approximately 30-50KB in size.

Getting Camera Numbers

To obtain a list of camera numbers you can access a JSON list of the available cameras:

More information about the format of the list can be found in the following document:

Author Motaz Aladas
Author Email Motaz Aladas
Maintainer Traffic Mgmt &Operational Support Branch, Public Works
Maintainer Email Traffic Mgmt &Operational Support Branch, Public Works


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