Street Food Vendors


Street Food Vendors


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Field Value

A listing of the successful applicants to the City’s Street Food Vending program.

Date First Published
Update Frequency
Data will be updated as needed, e.g. when new vendors are added or removed from the program.

There are no known errors in this listing; however, some information may change that will not be updated immediately within the listing, e.g. vendors\u2019 online addresses. The coordinates should also be considered approximations to actual locations.


Street Food Vendor(s): name of street food vendor(s)
Name: name of cart or truck business
Concept : description of the type of food offered
Location Description : description of location of truck
X, Y Coordinates : approximated x, y coordinates.
Online Presence : address for online websites, facebook accounts, etc.

Author Joanne Cléroux
Author Email Joanne Cléroux
Maintainer By-law & Regulatory Services Branch
Maintainer Email By-law & Regulatory Services Branch


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