Public Health Inspection Data


Public Health Inspection Data


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These data encompass all inspection data collected by public health inspectors in the City of Ottawa, including restaurant and personal services inspections.

The data are available in both CSV and API formats. The CSV format follows the LIVES specification and is refreshed daily. Details on the attributes are provided in the attributes section. The API provides both JSON and XML results. Instructions on using the API are available as a download.

Inspection results are also available to be viewed on

Date First Published
Update Frequency

Up to a 48 hour delay from time of actual inspection.


CSV: The CSV files follow the LIVES specification and is available in English only. Details on this specification can be found on the YELP website:

API: The API attributes are described in the documents available for download. This data is bilingual (English and French).

Author Ryan Furuness
Author Email Ryan Furuness
Maintainer Ottawa Public Health
Maintainer Email Ottawa Public Health


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