Full-time Equivalent (FTE) Count


Full-time Equivalent (FTE) Count


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Represents the number of budgeted FTE’s associated with positions, by Portfolio, Department and Branch. These totals are different from Employee Count totals. The FTE count is used for budget purposes to quantify the number of positions approved by Council and funded through the tax and rate-based operating budgets. The FTE count includes full-time, part-time, salary, wage, casual and student positions.

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There are no known errors in the data. The data in the Report is taken at one point in time and while the information is useful to show trends and job functions, due to the number of on-going organizational and position changes, the information will become dated as the year progresses. Organizational changes from one year to the next may also make year-over-year comparisons difficult.


\u2022 Portfolio: highest level of organizational structure \u2022 Department: second level of organizational structure (note: a blank space in this field indicates a Deputy City Manager\u2019s office structure) \u2022 Branch: third level of organizational structure (note: a blank space in this field indicates a Department Head\u2019s (i.e. General Manager or Director) office structure) \u2022 FTE Count: total number of budgeted FTE\u2019s within the respective organizational unit

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