Doors Open Building Participants


Doors Open Building Participants


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Additional Info

Field Value

Provides a listing of all of the participating buildings in the Doors Open event including several attributes, e.g. accessibility and transit information.

Date First Published
Update Frequency
Daily until June 1 and 2 2013, than annually

There are no known errors in the data, however building participants continue to request changes to their participation times, descriptions, etc. on a daily basis.


Building Name (English)
Building Name (French)
New: is the building new to Doors Open: TRUE or FALSE
Address (English)
Address (French)
Description (English)
Description (French)
Group Number: ID number for groups
Sat Start Time
Sat closing Time
Sun start time
Sun closing time
Shuttle: TRUE or FALSE
Public Washroom: TRUE or FALSE
Disabled access: TRUE or FALSE
Free parking nearby TRUE or FALSE
Bike Parking: TRUE or FALSE
Metered-paid parking nearby: TRUE or FALSE
Refreshments-snacks for sale: TRUE or FALSE
Image: URL for an image of the building
OC Transpo-EN
OC Transpo-FR

Author Amy Kudrinko
Author Email Amy Kudrinko
Maintainer Cultural & Heritage Services Branch
Maintainer Email Cultural & Heritage Services Branch


Developer Tools

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