Criminal Code of Canada Offences


Criminal Code of Canada Offences


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This data includes all founded Criminal Code of Canada offences reported to the Ottawa Police. Offences have been categorized according to the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Survey version 2.2.

The crime statistics published are accurate on the day that they were produced. Due to ongoing police investigations and internal data quality control efforts, this information is subject to change, including addition, deletion and reclassification of any and all data.

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The Ottawa Police provides this information in good faith but provides no warranty, nor accepts any liability arising from any incorrect, incomplete or misleading information or its improper use.


• Ottawa Neighbourhood Study – Neighbourhoods

• Criminal Code of Canada Offences (Crime)

• Crimes against the person involve the use or threatened use of violence against a person, including: homicide, attempted murder, assault, sexual assault and robbery.

• Crimes against the property involve unlawful acts to gain property, but do not involve the use or threat of violence against the person; arson, break and enter, fraud, possession of stolen goods, theft < $5,000, theft > $5,000, mischief, and motor vehicle theft.

• "Other" Criminal Code offences: Include crimes such as disturbing the peace and offences against the administration of justice such as failure to comply with an order, failure to appear, or breach of probation.

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