Community Design Plans (CDP)


Community Design Plans (CDP)


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Additional Info

Field Value

Community Design Plan Areas indicated if the plan is completed, in progress or currently being updated.

Date First Published
Update Frequency
Modified on ongoing basis as required

Please refer to CDP documents


Name_EN , Name_Fr – name of area

Status_En, Status_Fr – Status of CDP

Annex_EN, Annex_Fr – Status of CDP according to Annex

Document_Title_EN, Document_Title_Fr – The title of the plan

Link_En, Link_Fr – Links to the CDPs

Date_Approved – Date of CDP Approval

SecondaryPlan_Link_En, SecondaryPlan_Link_Fr – If there is a secondary plan associated with the CDP, then there is a Secondary Plan Hyperlink

Plan_Update_EN, Plan_Update_FR – if the plan is being updated, the current link

All_Plans – Link to landing page with all plans

Zone – If Urban or Rural

Document_- Which Annex it is from

Author Geomatic Services
Author Email Geomatic Services
Maintainer Geomatic Services
Maintainer Email Geomatic Services


Developer Tools

  • The information on this page (the publication metadata) is also available in JSON format
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